GSS Wedding Decor Ideas :: What to do With All Those Finds After the Wedding

Wedding trends are literally changing constantly. The most constant part is that there is a couple in love wanting to show their unique style. The importance of making a wedding unique to you and your partner is that you are going to have a ton of decor after the wedding and what are you going to do with it all? Of course you can always go the rental route, but there are some really great personal touches you can do to spice up your wedding AND (bonus!) use it after in your nest. For our wedding (Amy), we hand-made centerpieces for each table. We did topiaries, spray painted the terracotta pots, covered them in moss, added little sweet metal hanger downer thingies. They were adorable-town. When we (read I) was envisioning this project, I was totally thinking how they were going to look on our mantel after the wedding. So fast forward to May 27, 2007, we had a haul of these bad boys on.each.table at our wedding. So, I really only wanted a couple for the house after the wedding, so I recycled (or upcycled) the pots and used them for planting small plants in the backyard. There are still two that sit on the mantel and I am reminded about our wedding every time I see them. So, we have a few touches you could possibly incorporate to your wedding. Hello, MARQUEE LIGHTS! You are not only functional, but you light up our life! How about that beautiful bouquet you have been dreaming about with succulents? Don’t worry, we have a watch me grow information coming up. Oh, and who doesn’t love to set the mood in your backyard oasis with some lights? We have a wine bottle tiki torch tut for you coming up as well.

What we want to really stress is – make your wedding YOU. You can use the decor after. Sound good? Then read on, friends.

Vintage Marquee Lights:

Seriously, these things are sooooo stinkin’ cute. I want a few of these bad boys. We found them over at one of our favorite places….ETSY! You can use them as a monogram and then, you guessed it……decorate your home with them after the wedding. They are pretty large, so you wouldn’t need to go crazy with a ton of decor to fill a space.

photo by Amy Karp

Succulent Wedding Bouquets:

We stumbled on this next tip purely by accident, but we are certainly glad we did. Succulents are all the rage right now and adding them to your floral arrangements for your wedding is simply stunning. Don’t toss these beauts after the big day. You can actually repot them in succulent mix and grow more of them. Here is a link that talks about propagating them on eHow. We were told it takes about 6 months for a 3 inch plant to mature. So, its a patient plant.

Wine Bottle Tiki Torch:

Get out of town! We saw this on Pinterest and the wheels started turning, you bet your pinning buns, I pinned it. Hubby thinks this is the easiest project I have pinned in months. So, how on earth does this fit into wedding decor? Of course the tutorial states to be cautious with this as you would with any fire project and use only outdoors. We thought this would be pretty cute on tables or using stands to mark a pathway for an outdoor ceremony. You guys see where we are going with this? Its a sure fire way (pun intended) to keep your guests talking about how beautiful your wedding was. So, here is the link to the tutorial and you can make some colorful ones too.



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