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Looking into the future of design for weddings this fall and spring, 2012, all I can see is a tendency to more nostalgic elements and going green for weddings!  Trees, plants, local elements such as Magnolia, ivy, and other organic supplements are a great place to start.  Aged containers, like broken capitals, columns or iron-work is so easy and timely.  Brining in a gorgeous, aged container and putting new life into it with floral is the ultimate thank you to conservation.  No need for new vases, use Mason jars, perfume bottles, books, jewelry boxes, the list is endless.  Now is the time, with all of the access that we all have to the internet, all you need is a little time.  Creating an inspirational board is paramount in projecting your vision to your professionals who are going to re-create this vision for you on your most important day of your life, so far. Here are a few suggestions I encourage brides to do before choosing their floral:

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  • Photograph the interior of your reception venue…from the carpet to the ceiling.
  • Log all of the colors, go to your local paint store and choose paint swatches that compliment your venue. Choose pictures online that resemble your tastes.  Create your inspiration board on
  • Check out the natural lighting, consider what time your wedding will take place, do you need additional lighting?
  • Use more table accents to enhance your table décor, whether it is table numbers or pictures of your relationship.  Guests can enjoy your journey that has brought you to this commitment.
  • Consider the season.  What flowers are readily available?
  • Choose a theme.  Utilize the theme from the beginning of your invitation, to the end of your wedding day.  Build guests expectations of a great time with fun activities at the wedding.
  • Be creative above all, and show how creative you can be with old and new!

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GSS Tips About Floral and Design :: Green Speak :: Eco-Friendly Designs

eco friendly dallas marie gabrielle wedding di fiori (1)

Ask anyone in town, who’s got the trees, Mitsumata, Manzanita, Birch and Curly Willow? Who has the most fence wood?

Talking people into going green has been our passion for several years.  Looking back a few years ago at Kathryn and Jack’s vision for their wedding makes me proud to say that green is in and here to stay. The entire wedding was presented in recycled fence wood we picked up for 4 months.  We then transformed the old wood into different configurations of boxes, including the cake stands and pews!  We’ve seen it, done it and it works.  Of course, having your wedding at Marie Gabrielle is a huge plus, with all of the Jan Barboglio décor, fountain and gardens.

All of the browns, copper, creams and gorgeous picture windows make it a perfect setting already. Kathryn’s choice was all white floral, tulips, hydrangeas, baby’s breath and of course, peonies!  We used many textures and only the natural greenery to the centerpieces in the boxes.  All of the wood, metal and glass worked perfectly well in harmony.

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We have used the boxes multiple times since then, and let others use them as well. Picking up on the venues décor, and enhancing it should be your main thought in designing your own wedding.  Whether you are getting married in a garden setting or in a beautiful ballroom, pay close attention to all of the colors in the room and find the best match in your color palette to blend with it. In planning your green wedding, there are now endless resources online just waiting to be found!  We can also take example from the amazing Royal Wedding; in that green was also the new couple’s theme for their wedding, setting a wonderful example for the world.

All above images courtesy of Jennifer Yarbro


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