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We love cake and we especially love these inspired designs that incorporate unique ideas. A Tiffany Stained Glass inspired cake, ruffles, pearls, and there’s  more!  Maggie Austin Cakes are truly jaw dropping….just see for yourself on her site.

Following her career as a classical ballet dancer, Maggie was accepted into the L’art de la Pâtisserie program at the French Pastry School. Under the instruction and guidance of world-renowned chefs and pastry champions, including directors Sébastien Canonne and Jacquy Pfeiffer, Maggie trained using the very best techniques and ingredients. Graduating from the program with honors, Maggie immediately began an internship at Charlie Trotter’s, a Mobil Five Star, AAA Five Diamond, and 10-time James Beard Foundation award winner that is recognized as one of the finest restaurants in the world.  Through the direct mentorship of executive pastry chef Della Gossett, Maggie’s commitment to excellence was solidified.

Girls dream in Tiffany Blue. This Tiffany Stained Glass inspired cake is a dream come true for many.

How about some ruffles? Yes, please and super-size them. This design is so delicate and feminine.

Clean and modern? No problem…she’s got this. Ribbon and a little ruffles on the side.

Bright and lady-like….styles that fit all brides styles. Maggie is a great artist.

Be sure to visit her site to get inspired for your cake or order a masterpiece from this artist!

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GSS Wedding Planning Tips :: Dinner Defined! Pros & Cons for Catering Options!

The largest expense you will have when budgeting for your wedding is usually the combination of food, beverage, and venue. Typically these three items will consume 50 – 60% of your budget. You have many options when selecting your catering style, but here are pros and cons of the most popular arrangements:

Wedding Foodimage courtesy of Two Ring Studios

HEAVY HORS D’OURVES ONLY: Heavy hors d’ourves – meaning appetizer style finger foods that have enough substance to them to substitute for a meal – can be a very affordable and easy solution for a bride on a tight budget wanting to provide as much of a meal as possible for her guests. However, it is strongly recommended that you let guests know in the invitations that they will be having an “Hors d’Ourves Only” experience, so that they can plan accordingly and perhaps have a light snack before they arrive. Hors d’ourves Only is also a popular option for late afternoon weddings when the time of day implies to guests that a full meal will not be served.

STANDARD BUFFET: A Standard Buffet will have all of the dinner food arranged in one area and guests will pick up a plate at one end and load their plates with a full dinner. With limited staffing needed and a lot of affordable choices for dinner options, Standard Buffet works well in many scenarios. It tends to convey less formality and often can lead to long lines of guests if not handled properly, but it is a popular option and one that is here to stay.

FOOD STATIONS: Food Stations have increased in popularity in recent years and offer a fun culinary experience for guests to move from area to area and sample a different cuisine in each place. Stations get guests talking, and allow the food to become a form of entertainment. The downside to stations is that they inherently require more servingware and more staff, so they are more expensive than Standard Buffet, which is often surprising to many brides.

wedding reception decorimage courtesy of Ash Imagery

FAMILY STYLE: Family Style service has also become increasingly popular in recent years. In this arrangement, platters of food are set down at each table and guests pass the platters around, similar to a holiday meal with family. Family Style provides a great opportunity for a sense of community and sharing at your table, and is a type of service that many of your guests may not have experienced at a wedding in the past. One downside is that you need to ensure that your tables are large enough and your centerpieces are small enough to allow for room for the platters to be set down.

PLATED/SEATED DINNER: Plated/Seated Dinner is the most formal and elegant option for your wedding dinner. Courses are beautifully prepared and presented for guests in a series of courses. Plated dinners are typically your most expensive option due to the preparation time they require and the increased staffing needed for this preparation. However, they can often be served faster than buffets or stations since everyone is being served simultaneously.

california wedding planningimage courtesy of Laura Parker

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